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As summer comes to a sad close, I can't help but dread not enjoying the outdoors anymore! Luckily there are still some awesome ways to enjoy the outdoors as it gets colder, so there's no excuse not to get your outdoorsy fix!

Next time you're trying to plan a getaway you have to check out Omega Park. It'sliterally one of the most stunning and unique parks close to Ottawa and is the perfect getaway destination. It has everything: amazing scenery, wildlife and cute cabins to stay in. Plus, there are tons of activities in the park to entertain you as well. 

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Okay, but wait, what exactly is Omega Park? Basically, it's this wildlife sanctuary just outside of Ottawa that you can explore and enjoy, right alongside the animals. The area is a 12-kilometer nature route through lakes, meadows, small valleys, forests and rocky hills. And you're literally surrounded by cool animals all the way through!

We're obsessed with wolves (umm have you seen a baby wolf? They're actually the cutest!) and they have a huge wolf population that you get to can get up close and personal with. Don't worry though, it's totally safe - you're just observing the animals in a safe space, where they're (and you're!) protected.

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There are plenty of things to do in the park, like drive through designated roads to see the animals on your own special day-safari. But one of the coolest? You can actually rent an adorable chalet in the park and take the opportunity to sleep surrounded by bears and wolves! Yes, surrounded by bears and wolves. Let the awesomeness sink in for a minute.

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The cabins are so cute, they look like they're something out of a fairy tale. They come equipped with 2 beds, a kitchen, an en-suite bathroom, and glorious bay windows for observing. Observing what, exactly? I kid you not, there are wolves that will roam RIGHT up to your cabin's windows to come to say hi. This is some Game of Thrones stuff, guys. (PS: no worries, the cabin's rear faces the wolf pack's natural habitat. The front of the cabin - where you enter and exit - is closed off from their habitat).

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Omega Park is actually less than an hour outside of Ottawa, in Montebello, Quebec. That means after you've ran with the wolves and gotten your outdoor fix at this truly unique experience, you can hop back in your car and end up in Canada's capital in a sec. 

And trust, Ottawa is absolutely worth the visit. In less than an hour, you're back in civiliation, enjoying some great food (tacos, anyone?), beautiful places to discover (the ByWard Market in the fall is unlike anything else!) and super fun things to do

Like what, for example? Ottawa is probably the most fun city in the country (#fact). With tons of awesome activities like flying over the city in an open cockpit WWII-era biplane and relaxing at North America's largest spa (AKA, Nordik Spa-Nature!), or even exploring the Ottawa Art Gallery, the newest addition to the city's art scene, Ottawa legit has something for everyone. Plus there are BEAUTIFUL sights to see, too, like the Mosaïculture plant sculptures in Gatineau - and much more!

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Plus, if you're an outdoorsy person who's already fallen in love with Omega Park, making a weekend out of your Ottawa visit is a no-brainer. Not only can you explore the city, but the nearby Gatineau Park is a wonderful way to get reacquainted with nature. There might not be any wolves roaming around, but the vibrant fall colours are second to none! 

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To find out more about Ottawa Tourism and Omega Park, make sure to check out their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

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