Ahhhh the Christmas season, that beloved time of the year to catch up on all your favourite classic holiday films. From Rudolph to Frosty, Christmas shows have the power to zap you back to better times... Like when you didn't care about the booming housing market, or the rising price of avocados!

This year we are official pronouncing The Vancouver TheatreSports League's "Christmas Queen 3 - Bachelorette Edition" as Vancity's newest Christmas classic.

For those of you who have seen Christmas Queen 1 and 2, you have already fallen in love with the Sassy Queen. For those of you who have not, let me assure you that this irreverent, fully drag Christmas Queen will truly show you what it means to be up to SNOW good.

via @vantheatresports

Be prepared to laugh yourself to tears, as all your favourite Holiday stars battle it out for the Queen's heart. Who will receive that final rose? Will it be the beloved Elf on a Shelf, Jack Frost, or maybe even Mr. Claus himself? He and the queen do have some history, but only the audience can decide which hilarious events will take place!

All joking aside, this show will evoke all the best Christmas feels. You will laugh, be merry, and you may even cry as the Queen's director works away his Christmas in an attempt to release the reality show on December 25th.

Following the usual Christmas spirit, you can always drink your #feelsies away, because the Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge has created three custom cocktails specifically for the show. Try an "After Eight Elf", or sparkle up your insides with the golden cocktail "All the Queen's Men", and last but not least, get your moves on with the ultra SPIRITed "Christmas Romance".

via @vantheatresports

For the fullest festive experience, be sure to arrive with plenty of time to spare because the Improv Centre is located on Granville Island, and everything is seriously decked out for the season!

Visit Vancouver TheatreSports League's website to get your Holiday giggle on and follow them on Facebook for all the latest!

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