There's honestly no bigger letdown than feeling the proud glow of graduating university fade into the hard realization that you can't launch a successful career in your domain. I mean, the whole point of paying for higher education is to score a well-paying job that hopefully makes you happy, right?

As if making it through university isn't demanding enough, add on the task of typing up the perfect CV and cover letter to attract an employer who miraculously doesn't require a preposterous amount of previous experience. Oh, and then top it all off by nailing the interview, of course! #postgradlife #thestruggleisREAL.  

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Well, fear not, your luck’s about to change. If you're tired of the misery and exhaustion of forcing a smile through the daily struggle of surviving a job at (insert your current unfulfilling 9-5 grind here), then the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) could finally be your turning point.

With 100 programs in everything from Accounting to 3D Animation, BCIT Business isn't your average business school. What's more, it even offers a selection of two-year programs that can either complement the education you've already earned or that can hone your knowledge, diversify your skills, and help you thrive if you're already hustling to climb the corporate ladder.

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BCIT doesn't just provide book smarts; it offers real-world tools and practical training, giving its students a competitive edge in the job market and hands-on experience that serves them significantly in their professions.  

BCIT Business is a surefire way to get your foot in the door and make a name for yourself in the industry. That's precisely why 96% of BCIT Business degree graduates are employed. 

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If you want a diploma or degree that'll ACTUALLY help you begin a successful career, then BCIT Business is a solid choice. Its industry-experienced instructors provide students with advanced, cutting-edge training in their area of study.

Offering a wide range of programs, BCIT Business is the only business school in Western Canada to include Digital Arts and Broadcast and Media alongside more traditional programming, which is pretty impressive.

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Most BCIT Business programs have internships, consulting projects, and practicums that allow students to gain useful work experience prior to graduating.

Plus, the full-time programs' small cohorts of 22 to 26 let students build close relationships with each other and their instructors, allowing for more valuable classroom participation and awesome student clubs.

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On October 10th, 2018, BCIT is hosting an exciting Business Full-Time Trade Show! If any of their over 100 programs and 300 courses pique your interest, then don't miss this chance to meet with instructors, network with other prospective students, and have all your questions answered about life at BCIT. You can discover all the programs that are offered including programs in accounting, business administration, broadcast and media, digital arts, marketing, and operations!

If your job has you wanting to pull out your hair, or has you LEGIT contemplating disappearing off the grid never to be found again... then it's time to jumpstart your future by checking out BCIT Business' programs!

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To keep up with all things BCIT Business, visit its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube!

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