Since the fitness world is gaining popularity in the lasts few decades, many entrepreneurs interested in the nutrition aspect sought to market the supplementation part of training. This is why in 2015, many brands and different products exist to complement your workout sessions and to get you to your goals faster than you could have imagined. Although there are many supplements out there you don't necessarily need or won't turn you into The Hulk or a bikini model overnight for their offered results, you being a novice or a advanced athlete, which of them you be taking?

1. Whey

Hands down the most popular supplement ever, with reason. Whey is a type of protein in the form of powder that comes from dairy products and is absorbed by your body at record speeds. They are high in protein and are extremely helpful to get to your target protein intake for the day to maximize muscle growth and recovery, which should be 2-4 times the amount you weigh in kilograms but in grams (70kg = 140g to 280g of protein a day). Two kinds exist: isolate and concentrate.

  1. Concentrate: cheaper to buy, contains many health benefits such as boosting your immune system or fighting cancer.
  2. Isolate: better quality product, more protein by scoop, even faster absorption, a bit more expensive.

Whey is best taken straight after your workout to beneficiate from it's incredible absorption time to provide the muscle the protein they need.

2. Omega-3

Essentially found in fish, though nothing fishy is going on here. They are notorious for the weird tasting burps you might experience but they are definitely worth the shot. Joint, brain and heart health are only some of the powerful advantages of ingesting fish oils. You sure don't want to walk with a cane in your older days because you squatted of deadlifted heavy! In addition to promoting muscle development, they will give you a slight but noticeable better pump if taking before your workout.

3. BCAA's

They are principally contained in any food containing protein; meat, eggs, whey and nuts all have high levels of BCAA's. Why buy them if they already are present in your diet? Because to access these amino acids, your system needs to break down the protein, which can take a considerable time window if you needed them during the gym. The BCAA's you buy as a supplement are already broken down and can start to be absorbed in less than 45 minutes, giving you all their advantages during the gym.

Also, if you are cutting, you might not reach your target quantity of amino acids, leading to slight muscle mass loss. BCAA's help to resolve this issue.

4. Multivitamins

By training your ass off three times a week of more, you body can't meet the recommended values of vitamins daily, since they reserve are constantly depleted to aid in your recovery. This is why supplementing your nutrition with more vitamins can help your system work the way it should while providing an optimal work output to salvage your beat up muscles. Some vitamins such as vitamin B, C, D, E, zinc, magnesium and selenium can also immensly help in the roles of protein synthesis, energizing and boosting testosterone.

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