We all know how obsessed we can get with celebrities from time to time. We all have our favourite movies, TV shows and artists where these celebs are bigger than life in our eyes. It's hard to imagine them as just regular people when literally everyone knows their name. 

But celebrities really are just regular people, living their everyday lives except their lives are directly in the spotlight at all times. I'm sure we've all had those times that we've gone to our favourite artist's concert and fangirled so hard when they got close to us or happened to see a movie star on the street and couldn't help but ask for a picture or autograph. 

While all these things are pretty normal and at this point celebs are used to it, almost every celebrity has their own set of totally weird stories that definitely cross a line. Some of these stories are almost too crazy to believe!

When a fan accidentally farted on Demi Lovato. 

I mean, sometimes it can be overwhelming meeting your idol or someone you look up to, we can't blame that poor fan for their uncontrollable bodily functions! At least Demi was pretty much cool with it.

When Shawn Mendes was almost trampled by 400 fans. 

@shawnmendesembedded via  

In an interview on YouTube Shawn Mendes explains that he was out signing autographs for fans when a group of around 400 girls realized the gates to venue's the fence were unlocked and almost trampled him but he was able to run and get away safely. 


When people ask Channing Tatum to speak to their friends and family on the phone. 

Via YouTube

Channing Tatum explains that one of the most common encounters he has with fans is someone coming up to him and handing him a phone where he then has to explain to whoever is on the other end of the call that it's actually Channing Tatum speaking to them. 


When Matt Smith was told he looked like a picture of a hedgehog. 

Via YouTube

The star of "The Crown" Matt Smith tells a crazy store of a woman who was holding a picture of a hedgehog and told him he looked like that hedgehog. She then tried to kiss him aggressively and yelled the word 'hedgehog' as security dragged her away. 


When a fan insisted to Emily Blunt that she was actually Katy Perry. 

Via YouTube

Apparently a fan mistook Emily Blunt for being Katy Perry one time. He insisted to her that she was Katy Perry even though she repeatedly told him she was, in fact, not Katy Perry. That's a weird one. 


When a man chased Fifth Harmony's car for a full 20 minutes. 

@fifthharmonyembedded via  

Apparently after a show one night a fan decided to chase the limo Fifth Harmony was leaving in for a full 20 minutes. He didn't stop running and amazingly kept up with the car for that long! 

When someone waited for Jessica Chastain at her car for hours and then cried in her arms. 

@jessicachastainembedded via  

Jessica Chastain tells us about a time when a fan waiting out in the cold beside her car for hours, freezing. By the time she came out the fan was exhausted and so cold that they just started crying in front of her. 


When Dax Shepherd met a fan who was convinced he was the father of her child.

Via YouTube

Dax Shepherd tells a pretty crazy story where he was sitting in a restaurant and a woman came up to him and asked if he was denying being the father of her child. She went on to ask if he'd take a paternity test to prove that he was the father even though he'd never met her before. 


When a fan tattooed Kaya Scodelario's autograph on her arm.

@kayascodsembedded via  

Kaya Scodelario tells a pretty crazy story about a fan. She wrote her autograph on the fan's arm and the next day the fan came to her showing her that she got her autographed tattooed. Unfortunately, the tattoo was super infected. 


When a Sergeant asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball and she agreed. 

Via Daily Mail

Mila Kunis takes the cake for craziest fan encounter and most down-to-earth celeb on this list. Sergeant Scott Moore asked Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball and she actually agreed! There's tons of pictures of them enjoying their dinner together with all his fellow marines.


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