Ariana Grande is rumoured to be dating SNL star, Pete Davidson. Yes, her two-year relationship with Mac Miller is definitely over and she's moving on. 

Ariana was spotted hanging out with comedian and actor, Pete Davidson at a Saturday Night Live after-party on May 13th, only three days after Ariana confirmed her breakup with Mac Miller. According to reports, they've been casually dating ever since. 

The two lovebirds were also allegedly seen hanging out in Coachella in mid-April, so sparks have definitely been flying. Here's everything we know about Pete Davidson.

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1. Pete is from New York.

Pete was born on November 16th, 1993 in Staten Island, New York. 

2. He's a comedian.

Pete started performing stand up when he was only 16 years old at a bowling alley in Staten Island. 

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3. Pete's on the cast of SNL.

Pete joined the cast of SNL in 2014, where he gained most of his recognition as a comedian.

4. He was on a ton of MTV shows.

Pete made his first TV appearance on MTV's Failosophy in 2013. He then joined MTV shows, Guy Code and Wild n Out.

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5. He loves tattoos!

Pete is covered in tattoos. He has intricate tattoos all over his back and arms.

6. Pete was on Comedy Central's Justin Bieber roast special. 

Pete Davidson fame definitely grew after he roasted Justin Bieber on Comedy Central in 2015.

7. He has Crohn's disease.

Pete is very open about his struggle with Crohn's disease. He openly admits to using marijuana to help with the pain. 

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8. Pete's father died in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

When Pete was only seven years old, his father died in the September 11th terrorist attacks. His father was an NYC firefighter that was last seen at the World Trade Centre. 

9. Pete admits his mental health struggled when he was younger.

Pete admitted that after his father's death, he suffered from suicidal thoughts. He also admits that Kid Cudi's music helped save his life during that time of his life.

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10. Pete dated Cazzie David.

Pete was in a two-year relationship with the daughter of Seinfeld creator Larry David, Cazzie David. They were together right up until the time that Ariana and Pete were rumoured to have started dating.

Source: Hollywood Life

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