It's no secret that everybody has become a lot more interested in Megan Markle's life past Suits ever since the royal wedding was announced. From her immediate family to her friends, everyone was clamoring to know more about the newest addition to the royal family! 

Her time in Toronto as a star on Suits didn't come without her picking up some Canadian roots of her own. One of Markle's best friends, Jessica Mulroney, is Canadian herself! Considering that Mulroney is heavily speculated to be Markle's maid of honor at the royal wedding, it's about time we brush up on our facts about Markle's Canadian BFF! 

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She's a fashion advisor and bridal stylist. 

Jessica has made a name for herself as both a fashion adviser and bridal stylist. With that kind of job comes some serious looks on her Instagram so if you are ever stumped on some fashion inspo... she's definitely your girl! 

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She's married to Ben Mulroney 

If that last name sounds familiar, it's probably because you know her husband, Ben Mulroney as the host for eTalk! You also may recognize the name considering Ben's dad, Brian Mulroney, is an ex-prime minister! 

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She has a daughter and two sons. 

Jessica and Ben don't just give up couple goals, but family goals too! Their adorable two sons and daughter are constantly featured on their Instagram pages (and are of course, dressed to the nines 24/7!) 

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They've been friends for a WHILE. 

Jessica and Megan hadn't just met last year, they've been friends since back in 2011, nearly a decade ago! The pair met when Markle landed in Toronto to start shooting for Suits and well, the rest is history! 

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They're vacation buddies. 

The pair didn't just hang out in Toronto, according to the Jessica's Instagram they vacationed a ton together- most recently they vacationed in Italy of August 2016! 

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She's helped out Megan in the style department. 

While it's unknown if Mulroney is still Megan's stylist, Jessica has been styling Megan's outfits for a while- and even helped create the outfit Megan wore for their engagement photos! Now you know why Megan has been sporting so many Canadian clothing brands! 

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Their friendship reportedly bloomed over their love for yoga. 

While it's reported that Jessica and Megan instantly hit it off when they first met back in 2011, it was apparently yoga of all things that resulted in the pair becoming such close friends! 

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The Mulroneys hosted a secret dinner for Harry and Megan when he was visiting Toronto. 

When Harry would visit Megan in Toronto while their relationship was still unconfirmed, it was none other than the Mulroney family that helped the pair keep everything under wraps! They would routinely host the royal pair at their house for family dinners to avoid being spotted. 

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Mulroney's daughter will apparently be have a role in the royal wedding. 

Who wouldn't want the adorable min Mulroney featured in their wedding!? While Megan has apparently already made accommodations for Jessica to be her maid of honour, as it's not typically in British practice to have one, it appears she's making an exception for Jessica's daughter too! The more Mulroneys the merrier, right?

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Like Markle, she's no stranger to the TV screen. 

One of the most interesting things about Markle has been her role on TV show Suits but she isn't the only one who has been featured on the small screen! Mulroney is routinely on Cityline guiding us through all of the hottest trends hitting the bridal and fashion industry! 

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Mulroney helped Megan pick out her dress for the big day. 

Of course she did! As both a fashion stylist and a bridal stylist in specific, it's no surprise that Mulroney played a role in helping Megan pick out her wedding dress! She's gone from helping to pick Rachel Zane's wedding dress for Markle's Suits character to helping Megan pick out the real deal- talk about a glo-up! 

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