For as long as there have been celebrities, there have been crazy, hilarious, and questionable stories surrounding them and their fans. Sometimes it's the fan who doesn't know where to draw the line, and other times... it's our our hollywood hotties who find themselves in hot water. 

Justin Bieber may have been the most well known victim of having his shoot your shot moment blasted all over social media across the globe. Though he definitely wasn't the first, and won't be the last celebrity to make a questionable DM decision that blows up in his or her face. So let's recap on the most notable DM blunders so far while we wait for another celeb to make the same mistake! 

Bella Thorne

Oh Bella Thorne, of course you are on this list. While this wasn't as big of a Twitter or deal as some of these other DM exposé's were, I'm here for any tomfoolery Bella Thorne is a part of. It seems though that she was trying (?) to slide into Cole Sprouse's DMs but instead ended up in a superfan's. 

James Franco

I am going to try to ignore the fact that the girl this Franco brother was messaging clearly stated she was 18 and he continued to press for her to meet with him. Let's instead focus on the fact that he actually grabbed a piece of paper to write this girls name down and take a selfie with it to prove it was him. 

Chris Brown

This isn't necessarily a slid into the DMs but Chris Brown definitely tried to shoot his shot in Rihanna's comment section no less. You'd be living under a rock if you didn't know how this ended

Joffrey Lupul

Massive DM fails aren't exclusive to the NFL/NBA apparently, Joffrey Lupul was one of the first NHLers to get exposed by a girl he was dm'ing. Will anything beat "for the love of god, not show it to anything?!?" Probably not. 

Justin Bieber

Of course Bieber's recent DM mishap would be in here! Seems he was too lazy to do his own sleuthing and decided to just message the gym's account asking for the trainers name which definitely did not end well for him

JR Smith

This DM exchange just makes me straight up uncomfortable, but I'd be doing a disservice to NBA fans if I didn't mention this epic blunder that sparked the hashtag #YouTrynaGetThePipe? 

Darnell Dockett

Back in the old days of Twitter, athletes seemed to be seriously slow to the punch when it came to learning how to use the social media app- specifically when it came to sending direct messages. 

Troy Aikman

Following Dockett's blunder, Troy made an identical mistake. How somebody would think the way you send a dm is to type it and then @ the person is beyond me but then again who am I to judge. 

Jose Canseco

If you don't know who this is off the bat, don't worry he's a former baseball player so he probably wasn't on your radar, but this convo was just TOO hilarious to not put in this list. Seriously though, over the course of 2 hours he suddenly changed his mind?!

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky didn't just make the mistake of sliding into someone's DMs, but he clearly slid into the wrong person's DMs. By wrong person, I meant Kid Cudi's ex, which resulted in him getting blasted by Cudi himself. 

Marco Belinelli 

Ugh this is just so creepy and gross. At least it's nice to know that professional athletes aren't any more special than the local creeps slithering in your own DMs. 

Lebron James

So simple, yet so profound. Seriously though the fact that it wasn't even a creepy DM is what it makes it so funny. 

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