Celebrities constantly have their entire lives blasted out to the public. Whether it's who they're dating, who they've broken up with, or what they are going through, more often than not A-list stars deal with the fact that most of their private life is not actually that private. With that, of course, comes some serious stress, and for these stars specifically, some pretty big, and very public breakdowns. 

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Miley Cyrus

Oh Miley, probably one of the most dramatic ex-Disney star breakdowns to date. Seriously, I don't think there is anything more dramatic than swaying on a boulder in your underwear post-breakup. Though it seems that after she finished spending two years with her tongue constantly out and licking random objects (?) she's returned back to good old flopping because she's no longer interesting  Miley. Then again, maybe it's her lacklustre album sales on her post-Bangerz debut or she's over being a country singer because this Instagram photo makes it seem as though she might be heading towards breakdown number two.. 

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Selena Gomez

Another ex-Disney star! Selena has definitely managed to pull out of the Disney machine without any major publicized issues like drug addictions or DUIs which have seemed to have become the norm once stars leave the mega company's channel. Though, lets not forget how melodramatic Selena Gomez is in general- seriously, her going through basic human emotions becomes the biggest theatrics thanks to her Instagram and Twitter. Remember that weird AF video of her and Justin dancing during their 400th round in the are we or aren't we phase? Why was this necessary? Who choreographed this? Who does this in general with their partner?!

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I mean seriously you just know someone who is posting this kind of stuff with their boyfriend is going to have the messiest breakup ever. By messy in Gomez's case I mean pretend you wrote write a song about him and do some really weird send-off at the AMAs. 

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Though I'm starting to wonder if she's headed towards another breakdown considering she just randomly dyed her hair blonde and got back with Bieber, but I guess we'll just have to wait and hope it won't happen! 

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Justin Bieber

Couples that breakdown together stay together... right? Bieber is no stranger to a breakdown or two. Lest we forget the time he peed in a mop bucket, or that DUI, or when he tried to fight that paparazzi... are you getting bored yet? 

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Bella Thorne

How Bella Thorne manages to fit the criteria for almost every celebrity list is beyond me but the ex-Disney star is definitely in the middle of a breakdown as we speak. I don't know what is provoking her to be doing.. whatever it is that she's been doing but she finds a new way to make me simultaneously embarrassed and worried for her with every new photo she posts on Instagram. 

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Mischa Barton 

I firmly believe that Mischa Barton and her crew of it-girls back in the 2000's were what started the whole tabloid craze, she was literally iconic. Of course, all that pressure and attention ended up with her getting herself into some massive trouble and a seriously big breakdown. Luckily since then, she's doing better than ever and actually has an incredible handbag line in the UK that does ridiculously well. 

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown has not been doing well ever since he hit Rihanna, like.. at all. Which I mean is well deserved, but seriously he's doing worse than ever. While he laid relatively low the years following the huge scandal, it seems this year he's been super public about how insane he's become. His fourty-five song album, documentary and weird interviews are just a few examples. 

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Lindsay Lohan

I'm not sure if Lindsay Lohan is over her mental breakdown or not yet because I swear everytime the general public comes to the consensus that she's in the clear, she suddenly is all over tabloids because of *insert random scandal*. Though she seems like she is finally doing better than her Herbie days, hopefully, I didn't just jinx that! 

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a singing, dancing and breakdown icon. I mean, you've got to hand it to her everything she does, she does big. From her incredible choreo and bops that continue to stand the test of time, to shaving her head in 2007. Luckily though she's doing considerably better with her show in Las Vegas! 

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Demi Lovato

How Demi Lovato can literally confess to a cocaine addiction and still manage to be one of the least interesting Disney ex-acts in pop culture is both tragic and hilarious. Her big breakdown definitely was no stranger to the theatrics considering when that whole "beat up a back up dancer" story surfaced, there wasn't a tabloid in North America that wasn't featuring it. 

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Amanda Bynes 

Amanda Bynes wasn't on many people's minds until she randomly resurfaced looking completely different than she had back when she graced our TV screens in classics like She's The Man. Her.. we'll call it obsession with Drake was also cause for concern considering how open she was about it on Twitter. Since then she hasn't been heard of much but hopefully, she's getting some help. 

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