While the Victoria's Secret Models may look like entirely graceful angels who are just born perfect/flawless/glowing with highlighter - that certainly isn't true. 

There are tons of steps and tricks and secrets that the models adhere to, in order to give off that gorgeous, effortless, glamazon look when they rock the runway. Here are the secrets that keep the VS angels looking like they air-dropped from heaven. 

via @angelzuri

1. They all practice in their 'show heels' way before they walk the runway

It's true. If there's anything you need to do when walking in a fashion show, it's making sure you don't eat shit. Once the models discover what shoes she's wearing, they're practice in them rigorously pre show to avoid any wipe-outs. 

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2. Depending on the outfit, some girls will wear a nude thong under their lingerie

This acts as added insurance for any possible wardrobe malfunctions. 

via @josephineskriver

3. There are padded inserts available for any model that wants some extra lift 

I'll take some of that please & thank you. 

via @leomieanderson

4. Stylists use double-sided tape to keep all lingerie locked into place

This means no slips or mishaps for anyone. 

via @liuwenlw

5. Outfits do rip backstage last minute 

And there are seamstresses ready to sew them back into place. 

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6. Models are in hair and makeup for hours before the show 

I mean it. Hours. Even though these women wake-up super gorgeous, there are 32 makeup artists, 27 hairstylists, and 11 manicurists on hand to get all 55 models Victoria's Secret runway-ready.

via @lamekafox

7. This year's show is more diverse than ever

Which is amazing for representation. There are 55 models, representing 20 different countries.

via @iammariaborges

8. The hair this year was supposed to look messy, sexy and 'undone' - all textures were welcome 

Maria Borges made headlines in 2015 for being the first VS model to rock natural texture and boy did she look incredible. 

via @romeestrijd

9. The models' skin looks flawless because of TONS of body make-up

While spray tans weren't a go-to this year, all the Angels got perfected with body make-up from head-to-toe to hide any perfections and let their skin shine. 

via @taylor_hill

10. The models don't get dressed themselves

There are actually professional dressers to take off and put on the lingerie so it looks amazing, is tailored to their body, so that the pieces don't get make-up on them - including the wings?

via @adrianalima

11. The models work out twice a day for two weeks before the show

Most of them on all all-liquid diet too. ​​​​​​​Yeah, it's gunna be a no from me dog. 

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