If you've been keeping tabs on the Royal Wedding, you know that we're all dying to find out who Meghan Markle's Maid of Honour is! With the wedding date quickly approaching, the pressure is on, and a final decision is sure to be made soon!

Someone who's always been a front-runner for the spot is Canada's own Jessica Mulroney. Not only is she Meghan's best friend, but she's also a total fashionista, sweetheart, and wedding expert!

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it's looking as if Mulroney is going to be playing a pretty big role in the Royal Wedding! Here's everything you need to know about our Canadian fashion queen:

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1. She is a successful Canadian Stylist.

Mulroney started her career as a stylist in the Kleinfeld Bridal Salon, and has styled several Canadian celebrities, including Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau. It's also been said that Meghan often turns to Mulroney for style advice!

2. She's thought of as the "Gwyneth Paltrow of Toronto".

Many people who are asked about Mulroney compare her to Paltrow, not only because of her beauty and grace, but because she's also seen as the perfect mom!

3. Mulroney and Markle are not only work friends, but also personal friends.

The two have a great love for the city of Toronto, fashion, and family, among other things! It's obviously important to have a strong bond and common interests with your Maid of Honour.

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4. She is Markle's unofficial wedding planner.

Several sources state that Mulroney has played a part in planning the Royal Wedding, unofficially of course. As a close confidant of Markle's she offers support and advice to the bride-to-be! It has been said that Markle trusts her with helping plan every detail, from the dress to the flowers!

5. She helped style the Royal Couple's engagement photos.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Mulroney's impeccable style advice played a role in the Royal Couple's engagement photos. It has been said that Mulroney helped Markle choose the perfect look and accessories for the shoot.

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6. Family is everything to her.

Mulroney's family life has a special place in her heart. She takes her duties as a wife and mother of three super seriously, and loves her family with everything she has. It's been said that her daughter Ivy is going to play the roll of Flower Girl, alongside Princess Charlotte.

7. She's married to TV presenter and broadcaster Ben Mulroney.

As it turns out, Mulroney is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, so there's no doubt that Jessica knows a thing or two about politics.

8. She has the trust of Prince Harry.

Having your best friend's fiancee's trust is definitely something to strive for, but it's about 10x more important when her fiancee is a member of the Royal Family! Apparently Jess and her husband knew about Markle's romance long before it became public, but kept it secret!

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9. She was born and raised in Montreal.

We all know that Montreal girls have killer style, so it just makes sense that Jessica has become the ultimate Canadian fashion queen! She grew up in the Westmount neighbourhood, and later relocated to Toronto.

10. She was born into the Brown's Shoes Dynasty.

Mulroney is a great niece of the company's founder, Morton Brownstein. The company is now worth a reported $71 million, and her second cousin, Michael, is the current CEO.

11. Growing up, she attended an exclusive all girls school.

She later went on to study at McGill University, where she studied Industrial Relations, as well as economics!

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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