If you keep up with Netflix Original content, odds are good that you've heard of, or recognize Gillian Jacobs. She starred in the 3 season show, 'LOVE', as well as the film Ibiza!

As an actress, we know that she's incredibly talented, but there's more to her than just that! Perhaps you thought you'd recognized her from another show before seeing her on Netflix, and odds are good that you did; she's got an INSANE resume.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about Netflix's own Gillian Jacobs:

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1. She was born on October 19th, 1982 in Pittsburgh.

That makes her 35 years old, although she definitely doesn't look it! 

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2. She's a lowkey sneaker head.

In a recent interview with GQ, Jacobs admitted that she has a love for sneakers, although she has yet to jump onto the "ugly-on-purpose" bandwagon.

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3. She began to study acting at the age of 8.

Jacobs has always loved theatre, and started taking lessons on Saturdays at the Pittsburgh Playhouse as a child, and performed with the Pittsburgh Public Theatre.

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4. She studied at Julliard in New York.

Jacobs graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2004, which is what led her to pursue her career in acting.

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5. She is a Teetotaler.

This means that Jacobs has never tried drugs or alcohol, and doesn't wish to. Her father is an addict, so she decided from a young age to not follow in his footsteps.

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6. Prior to Netflix, she starred on the hit series 'Community'.

I knew I recognized her from somewhere! Before she became a Netflix star, Jacobs played the role of Britta on Community alongside famous singer Donald Glover.

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7. She's very stylish.

Even just a quick glimpse at Jacobs' Instagram will show you that she's got an eye for fashion!

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8. She was raised by a single mother.

As we mentioned, Jacobs' father was a drug addict, so he didn't have much to do with her upbringing. She was raised by her mother, whom she is very close with.

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9. She was handpicked to star in 'LOVE'.

When the internet found out Judd Apatow was creating something for Netflix, they were SUPER excited. But when they found out he had handpicked Gillian Jacobs to star in it, they were even more excited.

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10. She has a very impressive resume. 

Apart from 'Community, 'LOVE', and 'Ibiza', Jacobs has also starred in amazing titles such as 'The Good Wife', 'Fringe', 'Girls', and 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone'.

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11. She isn't married, but she's not single.

Rumour has it that Jacobs is dating someone who's "not in the business", so their relationship stays pretty lowkey!

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12. Her nickname is 'Bubby'.

It was given to her by her mother, after the former Steelers quarterback Bubby Brister. She still has no idea why her mother chose it.

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13. She's got a super cute dog.

Who's also very fashionable, and grumpy, apparently.

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14. She loves drag queens.

Her favourite saying comes from none other than RuPaul, "Whatever people think of me is none of my business."

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