If you watched the women's halfpipe finals, then you definitely know who Chloe Kim is. If you haven't been watching but you're following all of the news regarding the most hilarious and relatable Olympians, then you obviously know about 17-year-old, California snowboarder, Chloe Kim.

She's super badass, she loves pizza and ice cream and she's from Long Beach, California. What's not to love? Chloe Kim is an American snowboarder competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics. She's crazy talented but she's also hilarious. After an incredible run on the half-pipe, Kim became the youngest woman to ever win an Olympic snowboarding medal at only 17 years of age. Talk about amazing.

Not only that, her tweets during the meets have made fans love her even more. And yes, some of these we're actually DURING the events.

This is how she announced that she would be going to the Olympics. 


A post shared by Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) on

If you're wondering about eating habits and training regimen, you can refer to her various tweets on the subject. 

Before one of her meets, Kim tweeted about how nervous she was and then quickly revealed how she deals with her pre-event jitters.

Somehow, food always seems to be on Kim's mind, even during competitions.

Via Twitter / Chloe Kim


Finally, when she shouted out her lovely parents after winning her first gold medal! How adorable!

But she couldn't stay sentimental for too long!

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