Stop the insanity! It is a damn good thing that no Kardashians were strolling by the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on July 26th, or the would've been hit with a killer tbt. 

We were actually shook that 3 notable Kardashian exes landed up in the same place at the same time. All 3 were invited to the iGo.Live launch party - essentially, an app built just for live streaming. (Side note: you think they've ever heard about Instagram live??) Sadly, one, neandrathavic Kris Humphries was not in attendance, but the sheer ridiculousness of the other exes almost made up for it. 

via @2hilarious

An old Kardashian fan-fav showed face at The Beverly Hills event - one fans may remember for his brush with death. Lamar Odom was photographed looking happy and healthy on the red carpet, and told Us Weekly he is doing quote unquote "awesome" and that he's also writing a tell-all book about his life. Hm, seems like that Khloe and Lamar money has just about run out. We'll have to stay tuned to see what kind of Khlo-money Lamar manages to milk out of the old Kardashian cash cow. 

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Kylie's ex was also in attendance. Debatable rapper Tyga took to the red-carpet in a satin-silk shirt, tuxedo pants and bedazzled shoes - probably because he doesn't have the good good Balmain hook-up anymore. He confirmed in interview that he is currently single and "doing [me]". Respect, T. 

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Last but CERTAINLY not least, Tyga AND Rob Kardashian's ex took to the red carpet. Blac Chyna stunted in a blue gown that flattered her post-baby (and plastic surgery??) bod. She even posed for pictures with Lamar, probably to stir the pot and piss off some Dash sisters. Petty, but also amazing. 

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What do you think they talked about?? Kardashian secrets?? Lamborghinis? What drink they'd love to grab from Kris' insanely stocked fridge? Or did they spill tea while sipping bubbly?? Oh to be a fly on that wall.

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