The Bachelor franchise has been going strong for 20 years and it's inevitable that the show would have some of it's secrets spilled. Like every television show, nothing is as it seems on camera. So check out these 33 secrets that ABC doesn't want viewers knowing about! 

1. Contestants are required by producers to take a psychological exam before they can go on the show.

2. The women have to buy all of their own dresses.

3. When the contestants move into the mansion they are given goodie bags that are full of bikinis, clothing, jewelry and beauty products.

4. The limo exits are mostly planned by producers but if contestants ask to do something extravagant, they usually let them.

5. The girls get their makeup and hair professionally done for the debut episode of the season but after that they have to do everything by themselves.

6. Couples only get to keep the ring if they stay together for two years, and if they plan to sell it they have to notify ABC a few months in advance.

7. Nobody actually eats during the one-on-one dinners because producers don't want the noise getting picked up by the mic, so the contestants eat beforehand.

8. During the 6 weeks of filming, the contestants aren't allowed to have computers, magazines, cell phones or even books.

9. The word "process" is strictly forbidden on the show, and if a contestant says it the producers make them re film and replace the word with "journey."

10. The hometown dates are held at the house of the contestant's wealthiest family member.

11. Contestants aren't paid for being on the show but the winners are, the rumoured amount is above $100,000.

12. No condoms are supplied on The Bachelor/ette or Bachelor in Paradise and contestants have claimed to have been asked if they are on birth control during their audition.

13. Contestants are only allowed to bring two suitcases.

14. Ali Fedotowsky claims that over the six weeks you probably only end up spending approximately 72 hours tops with the person you end up choosing to marry.

15. Jillian Harris had to go to speech therapy becase the producers didn't like her Canadian accent.

16. Apparently the final four are picked out on the first night thanks to producers.

17. A producer is on hand for the rose ceremony with flash cards and photos of each contestant so that the bachelo/ette can remember their names.

18. Only two couples from The Bachelor are still together.

(Sean Lowe and Catherine Low and Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi) 

19. Five couples are still together from The Bachelorette.

(Trista and Ryan Suiter, Ashley Hebert and J.P Rosenbaum, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, Kaitlin Bristowe and Shawn Boots, Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers)

20. Almost every single contestant on the show ends up writing a tell-all book. 

21. Most of the time contestants have no clue who the bachelor/ette is until they arrive to shoot the first day, but they still get the chance to bow out if they don't like what they see! 

22. Some contestants have side flings with producers during the show. 

Season 16's Jamie Otis claims, "There are more of these producer/contestant relationships than viewers realize—they're always kept hush-hush."

23. The roses given out at every rose ceremony are fake. 

24. The bachelor/ette doesn't get the final say with rose ceremonies. 

A lot of the time producers make sure certain contestants continue throughout the season so that there is more drama even if the bachelor/ette doesn't plan to pick them! 

25. The bachelor/ette gets a stylist for the whole season. 

26. The producers have assigned a contestant to be "the cryer" on previous seasons to add to the show's drama. 

27. The Niel Lane rings that have been used in the finales so far range from being worth $60,000 to up to $90,000.

28. Everybody on the show gets tested for any STD's or STI's. 

29. There are 16 countries that have their own versions of The Bachelor including places like Norway, Ukraine, New Zealand and Brazil.

30. The bachelor/ette doesn't actually plan the dates that go on during the show. 

31. Contestants are provoked by producers to create drama. 

32. The contestants have to do their own cooking and cleaning, but get a stocked kitchen and fridge. 

33. The Bachelor/ette team are dying for an Emmy nomination 

Last year The Bachelor team put out an Emmy consideration campaign due to their belief that the show deserved it after 20 years of success. 

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