While last night's VMA's were twerk-less and the only latex spotted was Nicki Minaj in an incredible jumpsuit, they did provide us certain amount of spice and shade for us the viewers. 

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If you didn't see said jumpsuit, you're welcome. But without further a do, the shade y'all. First up, host Katy Perry. 

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KP managed to throw shade at not only Taylor Swiftbut our sweet angel Justin Bieber?? In an attempt to make a Game of Thrones joke, Katy Perry recapped some of the shows highlights for fans that may be tuning in after the season finale. "Ed Sheeran's friends, dead," said KP. Maybe alluding to Taylor Swift's weird phone-call on 'Look What You Made Me Do' considering how tight the two singer-songwriters are. 

Later in the show, when DJ & Ahsad Khaled took the stage, KP swung at Justin Bieber while complimenting the much-famed baby. “My baby [Ahsad] knows the lyrics to ‘Despacito’ unlike some other babies I know." JB is is grown ass man okay Ms. Perry?? AND he has a Grammy. Unlike some artists I know. 

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Next up? Surprisingly Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine. While the superstar singer rarely starts drama in the media, he was NOT okay with the VMA's cutting off Julia Michaels. The "Issues" singer was in the middle of performing her hit single when the show cut her audio and began announcing show highlights. 

To be fair, Lorde had publicaly stated she wasn't going to be singing due to vocal chord distress but still, very uncool VMAs. We back this shade. What do you even call that? Shadowing?? IDK but #TeamLevine. 

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Fifth (or shouldn't it be fourth at this point??) Harmony laid down some serious law during their performance of "Down". The group took to a dim stage with 5 silhouettes, one standing in for former member Camila Cabello, and EJECTED said person into the goddamn darkness. This was the group's way of saying they in no way shape or form need Cabello anymore and was quite honestly, the most savage moment of the night. 

And finally, is there any better shade than Taylor Swift shading herself? At the end of the VMA's this year, the world was presented with Taylor Swift's new music video for "Look What You Made Me Do" which included at least 30 seconds of the star bullying herself. Surprising and great in its own way. 

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