We all love a little ink but sometimes, with a lot of money and a little liquor, you can definitely go a little overboard. Tattoo culture is alive and well, especially for celebrities. And while we appreciate some good tattoo art, there is definitely a lot of bad tattoo art. Especially on celebrities bodies. Here are a few of our unfortunate celeb friends who ruined their bods with some truly regrettable tatts. 

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1. Justin Bieber

The 23-year old Stratford star recently traumatized ALL OF US by debuting this new, insane ink. Bieber had shocked us with tattoos over the years of ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, angel wings on the back of his neck, full sleeves, and my personal favourite - Son of God - tattooed on his abdomen with a huge eagle. 

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It wasn't until this weekend that JB unveiled his gothic new ink covering the entirety of his stomach with shading, pillars, and what appears to be a church ceiling/gateway to heaven. God bless you JB but this tattoo is hellish. 

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2. Harry Styles

Harry Styles can get away with a lot of things: pink Gucci suits, shoulder-length hair, dating multiple Victoria's Secret angels without being deemed the new Leonardo DiCaprio. But this butterfly tattoo is definitely not one of them. It's hard to believe the 1D singer was once tatt-less but his tattoo count rose with his star. 

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3. Ed Sheeran

We could've gotten behind Ed's artful sleeves in the past, but this lion was just over the top. He may be king of the charts, but Simba belongs in The Lion King - not on Ed's chest. 

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4. Adam Levine

Adam Levine's body is anything but ruined - except maybe by a particularly hard day of cardio and weight training. The singer has been very vocal about his dislike for the 'Russian prisoner inspired' tattoo on his right shoulder that he describes as, "a cauliflower with a sun in the middle of it. It’s just despicable-looking." Levine has yet to change the tattoo since he doesn't want to cover up any of his existing ink. 

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5. Gucci Mane

Gucci may be living his best life in 2017, down a hundred pounds, married with a hit album out - but lest we forget the ice cream face tattoo. Gucci has yet to get it touched up and might be in the process of a removal, as recent photos the tattoo has no colour and seems super faded. 

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6. Steve-O 

This Jackass star definitely stayed on brand with this ridiculous back tattoo. He covered his entire back-side with a portrait of his front side...which I'm sure calls for some...interesting cuddle sessions with his significant other. 

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