If you tuned in to the 22nd season of The Bachelor, you'll know that Arie's first episode was a smash hit. This season's lead, who hasn't been on reality TV in over 5 years, strolled up to the Bachelor mansion in a blue Mercedes convertible, looking much better than he did in his print ads. Bachelor veteran Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine stopped in with their son to give Arie some advice and possibly a glimpse of what his future could be. 

Arie had a stunning 29-women for his turn on The Bachelor, all of which seemed incredibly interesting, exciting aaaaand troubling. Here are some things I've uncovered since the premiere date. 

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1. Arie falls in love with 2 women 

Yes, you heard that right. Two. While last season's Bachelor, Nick Viall, alluded that he may not find anyone at all, Arie has gone ahead and confirmed that he did fall in love - a lot of love at that. 

2. Arie did propose and it happened in Peru

Though proposals are expected when it comes to The Bachelor, they aren't always guaranteed. Juan Pablo of The Bachelor didn't propose to his last lady or say that he loved her - which is crazy by Bachelor standards. No worries ladies, Arie proposed and is allegedly, happily engaged! 

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3. Bekah M. is probably younger than you are

While many girls have their age in their Bachelor bio, Bekah M. did not. Why is that, you ask? Because she's a mere 22-years-old. Yes, twenty-two. Making a staggering age gap between her and 36-year old Arie. 

4. The Bachelor In Paradise scandal called for a big catering change 

Translation? No more unlimited alcohol. In pervious seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelor spin-offs, alcohol and food are available to the contestants in endless quantities. Alcohol has gotten many former bachelors and bachelorettes in trouble, but mainly Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson of this past season of Bachelor In Paradise. The alcohol reduction will ensure that everyone has a safer season. 

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5. Not all of the girls originally signed up for Arie 

And he knows it. Peter Kraus was the fan and ultimately franchise favourite to be The Bachelor in 2018, but after Kraus' refusal to propose during the season finale, they cast Arie instead. While casting for the news season of The Bachelor, many women auditioned in hopes of Peter being the Bachelor, only to have Arie take the lead instead. 

6. Chelsea is already this season's villain, but she's not the only one

While from the first episode, it's easy to peg Chelsea as enemy #1, there are other girls that show their catty sides. One in particular who you'll definitely be shocked by...

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7. Arie actually already spoiled his season! 

Arie accidentally posted two pictures over the course of two weeks that revealed who his current fiancée is! Luckily the snaps were quickly deleted but not before thousands of fans saw! Him and his fiancee posted nearly identical snaps in the same location, though not pictured with each other. They were also tagged and featured in a friend's Instagram, that quickly got deleted as well. Because I'm a big Bach fan and extremely sad I spoiled the season for myself when researching this article, I won't tell you who he picks! 

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