Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Lili Reinhart and now Kylie Jenner all have something in common. Yes - it's that they're all insanely gorgeous and some of Hollywood's top names but also that they've sat down with Vogue to do a stripped down get ready with me makeup tutorial. 

Cosmetic queen Kylie uploaded her video to Vogue's youtube page just yesterday and in under 24 hours, there are already 2.7 million views. And while she obviously shared her tips and tricks to getting the perfect face beat - she also opened up about her mom, sisters, being a mom and finding her passion. 

So without further ado here are all the things we learned about Kylie - other than her makeup routine. 

Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods lives with Kylie in her Calabasas home.

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She revealed that Jordyn lives with her and that up until recently was responsible for creating Kylie's on fleek brows. 

All of her makeup products gets beta tested on any of her friends that come over to her home

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A requirement of being Kylie's friend means getting swatched all the time with her new lip and eyeshadow product. 

Kylie's parents did not agree on if she should be allowed to wear makeup as a child. 


so lucky to have you ✨

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Kylie said Kris was totally fine with her wearing makeup and expressing herself through it as a kid (Kylie remembers stealing her mom's Chanel eyeshadows as a very strong memory) but it was actually her dad Caitlyn (Bruce) that was strict about it and wouldn't let her wear makeup so casually. 

She isn't sure if Stormi will be allowed to wear makeup 

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Despite Kris being so cool about Kylie using makeup at a young age and her being a makeup mogul, Kylie has no idea at what age she'll allow Stormi wear makeup.

Kim and Kylie don't compete 

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Even though both sisters have makeup brands, when it comes to their personal and business relationships Kylie says that they both like doing totally different things and there's no competition there. 

Kylie's glow is 100% fake. 

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Despite being in a family known for their 'glow' - Kylie doesn't tan and her bronzey completion is actually 100% contributed to fake tan and makeup. She says that it's because she's so fair she just burns in the sun. 

Kris warned Kylie that her makeup business was going to fail. 

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Kylie had Kylie lipkits trademarked 2 years before she even started working on it. She said that when she brought up starting the business to her mom, Kris was skeptical and warned her not to invest too much or to get too many products made. According to Kylie, it was because Kris believed that her makeup wouldn't sell and would likely to all end up her in her garage forever. However,  didn't even make it to her launch party because it sold out as soon as she refreshed her webpage. 

Kendall's success in the modelling world put pressure on Kylie to find her passion  

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Kylie revealed that she was relieved to have her lip kit business work out because at that point in life Kendall was already travelling the globe and making waves in the fashion world and it was "the best feeling in the world" to find her own passion.

Check out the full video below: 

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