In case you missed it, Canadian hearthrob Shawn Mendes just dropped a brand new music video on YouTube!

Shawn released the video for his new song, "Nervous" and it's driving his fans wild. In the video, you can see Shawn laughing nervously as someone gets a bit handsy with him while he's performing the song.

He revealed who that was on his latest Instagram picture. The handsy suspect is Lilliya Scarlett.

She remains relatively low key on the internet, but we've gathered up some interesting facts that tell us a little bit more about the woman making our favourite Canadian singer soooo nervous.

1. She's 17-years-old and she lives in Los Angeles.

2. She's obviously a model.

@lilliyascarlettembedded via  

3. To our surprise, she's a very successful artist! She loves creating pieces with monsters and other disturbing things. Creepy but super cool.

4. She's been dubbed the new and "young Brigitte Bardot".

5.  She's funny. Her Instagram bio states that she's "not a cam girl😅".

@lilliyascarlettembedded via  

6. It looks like Eli is her bf! He's the guy who was also in the video with her and Shawn Mendes. 

7.  Singer Jaguar Bones once said in an interview that he was inspired to write music after he took a picture of Lilliya. The song that was inspired by Lilliya is called "Over My Dead". 

@lilliyascarlettembedded via  

8. She can rock an amazing make-up free selfie.

@lilliyascarlettembedded via  

9. She loves a good music festival. Here's a video of her and a friend at Coachella this year.

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