When we think of celebrity homes, we think of huge mansions in Los Angeles that have acres of land, but that's not always the case. A lot of celebs that have come from Toronto like to keep a property at home that's a little more understated. Toronto's a big city which means there's not much space for extravagant homes, but that hasn't stopped these celebs from having a beautiful place to stay when they're in town. Here are 9 Toronto celebrity homes that are understated but unbelievable.

Rachel McAdams 

Rachel McAdams decided to buy property in Toronto when she realized that not all movies film in LA anymore. While she owns a mansion in Los Angeles, her Toronto home is much more tamed and more culturally appropriate. While she still lives in a more wealthy part of the city, Harbord Village, her Victorian style house is cute and casual. 

Check out her Toronto home here!

Mark Wahlberg 

Mark Wahlberg also splits his time between Los Angeles and his home in Toronto. He owns a penthouse suite at the Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville. His condo is surrounded by Toronto's elite shops and restaurants. 

Megan Markle 

While Megan Markle had to sell her home in Toronto when she traded the city life for royalty, her downtown home was nothing less than beautiful. It was all the rage when people realized Prince Harry had visited the home multiple times. 

Margaret Atwood 

Canadian author Margaret Atwood has lived in Toronto since she graduated from the University of Toronto. While she remained in Toronto, her housing choices definitely became more upscale. She lives with her husband in the Annex, not far from Rachel McAdams! 

Elton John

While Elton John doesn't live right in Toronto, he does live on the outskirts that gets him a better view of the city than any other celeb. He can see the entire skyline from his Stouffville mansion! While the home isn't overly extravagant on the outside, the interior is beautiful! The singer and his husband also own an insane amount of land around the property.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes recently made the move from his Ajax childhood home to a condo in Toronto! Although all we've seen of the space is a low-quality Instagram live video, the beautiful view of Toronto's CN tower tells us all we need to know. His home is in the core of the city where a lot of Toronto's younger celebs reside. 

Howie Mandel

Although Howie himself hasn't shown off his simple yet stunning Toronto property, his son sure has! The comedian's son has taken to YouTube to make vlogs. In one, where they take a private jet to visit Toronto, his son shows off the families property!

Tessa Virtue 

Tessa Virtue lives about an hour outside of Toronto in London, but we had to include her house. It's probably the most aesthetically pleasing home ever! The Olympic ice dancer wanted a place near her childhood home but also somewhere where Toronto was easily accessible. 


This last one is definitely cheating, but there's no way we could go through this list without including the mansion Drake is currently having built. It's probably the most extravagant house Toronto has ever seen. Its located on Bridal Path, a gated community with the biggest mansions the city has to offer. Here's what his mansion looks like so far:

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