Another celebrity baby birth, another seriously suspect name choice. It's no secret that the people of Hollywood like to get... original when it comes to naming their new bundles of joy. Though the Kardashians have been taking the cake as of recent. From Kourtney, Kim and Rob to now Kylie, let's go through all of the names they chose for their offspring and figure out which one is the most... special of them all.  

Before anybody chops my head off this is all in good fun, and there are definitely way worse baby names in the celeb world than what the Kardashians have going on (yes I am referring directly to when Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid Apple). Though we aren't the first to rank their names considering Kendall did it herself: 

Ok but now let's get to these names because there are definitely a lot of new Kardashians we've got to talk about. No, my opinion on what the Kardashians name their babies is not relevant but who doesn't love a good list? Let's start off with the best of the lot: 

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Mason & Penelope Disick

Mason and Penelope definitely tie for the most normal names, and that probably has to do with the fact that Kourtney had both of them before the family hit mega success. Would their names be something more shock-worthy if Kourtney had them today? Probably. 

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North West 

I'm not going to lie when I first heard Kim named her kid 'North West,' I had to physically stop my eyes from rolling to the back of my head but I've recently had a change of heart. It might have something to do with the fact that she had better street style at like age 2 than I will ever have or that she's literally the cutest kid ever, but North doesn't sound as ridiculous as it did when she first was announced. Then again this also could be because her fellow newborn Kardashians got off way worse. 

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Chicago West 

Chicago also... really isn't that bad. I mean considering she was named after her dad's hometown, you can't really go wrong with a name like that. Though even apart from it being an homage to her dad's roots, it's definitely a rare name but by no means is it ridiculous. 

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Stormi Kardashian 

Why Kylie named her child what sounds like a future lip kit colour is beyond me but I guess it's better than 'Butterfly' or actually naming her after a pre-existing lip kit. Don't be fooled though I bet money a Stormi inspired makeup collection will be hitting Kylie Cosmetics within the next few months. 

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Saint West 

This is just one of those names that isn't shell shockingly weird but is just an odd name for somebody. 'Saint West' does have a nice ring to it, but are you really going to have everyone refer to you by your full name? 

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Reign Disick 

I am almost 100% certain that Scott Disick and Scott Disick only named this child. I almost get a migraine at the thought that Scott goes by "Lord Disick" and then named his child "Reign." I blame every fan on Twitter who hyped up Scott's "savagery" on the show when in reality he's just a tool for this. 

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Dream Kardashian 

I mean... are we really that surprised that this is what Rob and Chyna came up with? Considering their rocky relationship, naming their child Dream is the least notable aspect of their relationship which I mean... speaks for itself. The name is weird but that whole family in general is way too much to tackle. 

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