First a naked Vogue cover with her sister Gigi, and now a basically naked Instagram photo with her dog covering some of her lady parts. Mmmmkay. 

While most people would debut their dog by just showing the dog, Bella Hadid showed off her new puppy by showing off something else. Her naked body. On her stylists Mimi Cuttrell's Intagram, in a now deleted post due to censorship reasons, Bella can be seen holding up her dog that's covering her midsection and while wearing a nude thong. 

Via bellahadid

In a fitting room at What Goes Around Comes Around in New York City, Bella bares all. The photo, which is sort of cute but sort of not, was almost immediately removed from Instagram due to it being flagged as inappropriate. As if we haven't seen Bella naked enough this week after her Vogue shoot with her sister Gigi, this picture graced our Instagrams for .5 seconds. 

There is a debate that we can't see enough for the photo to be flagged as inappropriate, but Instagram definitely has a strict policy against any nudity. But then again, shouldn't we worry more about the algorithm on Insta than only a part or someones body we can kiiiind of see? I'll leave that up to you. 

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