The "Roseanne" reboot starring Roseanne Barr was axed earlier this week after the show's star posted some very racially charged tweets.

It didn't take long for the head of the ABC network to cancel the entire show. Even though Roseanne Barr was the only one that was involved in the scandal, but the whole show was canned.

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Roseanne Barr tried apologizing for her actions but it was too late. She claimed that she's not "a racist, just an idiot" about her Twitter rant.

According to TMZ, the reboot could potentially be revived by the ABC network but only under certain circumstances. The rumours are that the reboot would center around Sara Gilbert's character.

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ABC is reportedly exploring re-branding the show without Roseanne Barr to see if they could focus on the Darlene character instead of Roseanne. TMZ claims that Sara Gilbert has been calling other cast members to see if they'd be interested in redoing the show around her character. 

John Goodman is allegedly "very interested" in filming the reboot without Barr. 

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Other characters in the show quickly denounced Roseanne Barr's actions after news hit. Wanda Sykes openly quit the show as soon as she learned about Barr's twitter rant. 

It makes sense that ABC is exploring other avenues considering they cancelled the show so quickly. All of the other actors in the show and production are all left without jobs because of Barr's actions. 

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