While they may not have been running in Tuesday's Amazing Race Canada Finale, Dave & Irina have captured the attention of the nation, but not always in the best way. Throughout their stint on the reality TV show, the married couple from Quebec was painted as the villain and deemed "un-Canadian" by a lot of viewers. In an exclusive interview with Narcity, Dave and Irina revealed that they have actually received death threats for how they acted on the show. 

"They were giving us death threats. You're so un-Canadian, you should get hit by a garbage truck. Like what?" Dave told Narcity about the fans reactions to the show. "And that's for stealing cabs like really, we don't deserve to be Canadians?" Irina added. 

Stealing cabs wasn't the only issue people took with the couple during the show. Throughout this season of the race, Dave and Irina have been accused of disrespecting the other teams, cheating, and even stealing answers from the other teams. 

As for those accusations they are all true. When asked if the couple felt they were portrayed unfairly on the show, they said it's all true. "They did not edit us stealing cabs," Dave said. When asked about not helping other teams he said, "Hell no. Why would I help them? Why would I freaking help them?"


"Yeah, we did all those things," Irina confirmed. They aren't ashamed of it either. In fact, the couple actually was wary of the other teams and what they called their "fast friendships." 

"You spend not a lot of time with the other teams, just a little bit at the airport and a little bit checking into a hotel," Dave told Narcity.

"Some of them... I think they were fake. That for me is a big red flag," he said. "If you're friendly after a few hours, like best friends, like 'oh he's my family' after an hour of talking... that means it's a fake friendship and it's a friendship that won't last. 

But it wasn't because of the particular teams they were up against there, it was just them in pure competition mode. 

"We weren't there to mingle and have a fun time with other people," Irina said. "Not because we didn't like the particular teams that were with us, we would have acted that way with any other people." 

"It was us against the world," Dave said. 

That doesn't mean they didn't make any friends during there time on the show, though. "I liked a lot of the teams," Dave said. But the one team they are actually staying in touch with is Jet & Dave, who unfortunately were eliminated first. 

"It would have been nice to keep them a bit longer," Dave said. "Because they would have gotten the nagging and the mind games." Dave also revealed that Jet was actually supposed to visit them in Cyprus recently, where the couple has been living. 

Moving to Cyprus was only one part of the couples post-race plan. Dave revealed to Narcity that they are about to embark on a 7-month world tour together with Dave's martial arts career. The future also holds a trip to Myanmar to film a "gangster movie", a trip to Australia to film videos for an online martial arts academy, and Irina is working on a book. 

While they may have been eliminated from the race, they don't show any signs of stopping. 

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