The Oscars have always been about a night celebrating the year's most influential and inspiring flicks of the past season. Though this year in specific there was a looming cloud over the red carpet thanks to the slew of sexual assault scandals and rape allegations that have plagued the industry and sparked the #TimesUp movement. 

While there was no dress code to symbolize the movement, that doesn't mean female actresses were silent. One actress, in particular, didn't hold back when she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. The well-known host and producer has been under fire recently after allegations from an ex-employee materialized last week, claiming he had sexually harassed and groped her. 

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The actress in question is none other than Taraji P. Henson and when she interviewed with Seacrest she was nothing but gracious, but she made it acutely aware to the viewers tuning in and Seacrest himself that she was not having it: 

To make matters even more interesting, viewers noted that the next interview Henson did with another host proved to be even shadier than her comment to Seacrest himself after telling the host "I'm great now in your company." 

While Seacrest has maintained his innocence, it's clear that he hasn't been completely cleared by Hollywood. Standbyers on the red carpet noticed that Seacrest was getting little to no interviews with actresses and actors throughout E!'s red carpet coverage, with the network barely tuning into his segment because he could barely get any stars to let him interview them: 

Considering the lacklustre turn out many are still asking why Seacrest wasn't replaced altogether. Seacrest did end up taking to Instagram to attempt to clear the air on the encounter by posting a photo of him interviewing Henson  with the caption "nothing but love for my friend." Though it doesn't take away from the obvious lack of interviews he had with the bigger stars of the night.  

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In all it was definitely a rough night for the well-known host and proves that his career could be in serious jeopardy if things don't get any better. 

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