Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson quickly became one of the most talked about celebrity couples of 2018 due to their speedy relationship and eventual commitment that happened just this May.

The pair apparently had crossed paths a few times in recent years due to Davidson's job at SNL and Ariana's appearances on the show but it wasn't until 2018 that sparks flew. Fans were finally beginning to get used to the idea of Grande and Davidson together and now we're shocked to hear that their hasty engagement is already over. 

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Unfortunately, from what has been reported recently by TMZ, it seems the relationship has taken a bad turn, to say the least. 

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The news from the gossip outlet claims that both Ariana and Pete have decided to go their separate ways. Not only is the engagement called off for now but apparently the couple has decided to completely split. 

The news came as a massive shock to fans considering the pair are currently living together in a $16 million dollar apartment in New York that Grande bought for both her and Pete earlier this year. 

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Many are speculating the break up could have something to do with the recent passing of Ariana's ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller who died from an overdose in September. Especially considering Grande has been quite open about her battle to "be okay" since then with her fans on Twitter: 

Regardless, it's unclear if this is actually the end for Ariana and Pete. Considering the pair have gone through so much in such a small amount of time, including getting a pet pig together, who knows where this will go. Especially considering Grande has a song dedicated to the comedian on her most recent album Sweetner where she calls Davidson her "soulmate."

For now, fans of the pair can only wait to hear from Pete and Ariana at this point to see if the news is actually legit. Though fans are already convinced it could be true considering in the past few days Ariana has been posting heavily on social media but Pete has been nowhere to be found- could this just be a rough patch or the real deal!? 

Source: TMZ 

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