Ariana Grande has had an emotional couple of months, starting back in September when her ex Mac Miller tragically passed away. Last night, she returned back to his hometown of Pittsburgh for a concert and it was an emotional performance. Ariana Grande paid tribute to Mac Miller

We all know what the lyrics, "Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, cus he was an angel," symbolize. When Ariana Grande sang those words at her concert last night she broke down on stage and couldn't continue singing the rest of the lyrics. In this video on Twitter, you can hear her struggle with the line and then stop singing completely:

This was the first time Ariana had been back in Mac Miller's hometown for a concert, and she planned a whole tribute. Before the concert began she made sure that a Mac Miller playlist rang through the whole venue. She also reserved a seat for him in the audience. 

Fans took to Twitter to show their support and share the emotion with their favourite artist. 

This performance was part of her Sweetener tour that started back in Albany in March. She's set to travel to other parts of the US and then head over to Europe in August. 

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