Ariana Grande just revealed in an interview with Time magazine, that she struggles with anxiety. She also opened up about how her mental health struggles has changed her music. 

Ariana is releasing a new album soon and she talks about how the writing on this album was different than ever before and it's all thanks to her therapy. Yes, she's actually crediting therapy for why her new album is so good.

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Let me explain. Ariana talks about how going to therapy allowed her to really tap into her emotions when it comes to creating new songs. In the interview, she says, "I felt more inclined to tap into my feelings because I was spending more time with them."

She continues, "I was talking about them more. I was in therapy more." Ariana says that she has experienced anxiety in the past, she says "I never opened  up about it, because I thought that was how life was supposed to feel."  

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We all know about the adverse effects of mental health, especially in the music industry, so it's definitely refreshing to hear that Ariana is using therapy as a tool to improve her mental health and her music!

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