While Ariana Grande has been crushing it on the charts as of late in preparation for her upcoming album, her luck seemed to run out when it came to getting a new tattoo. Though as the star says in her latest single '7 Rings", money can solve any problem, especially when it comes to a tattoo blunder as an A-list singer. Considering you may actually end up getting paid to get it fixed instead of being the one who has to pay up for the mistake. 

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Grande's big blunder began when she took to Instagram to share her new palm tattoo that was meant to say "7 Rings". The single had been promoted with Japanese text and the music video also incorporated elements of Japanese culture. In light of criticism, many of Ariana's fans claimed the star was exempt from cultural appropriation because she was fluent in Japanese, but then the tattoo came out. 

It didn't take long for fans to realize that Ariana's tattoo did not say '7 Rings' but instead translated to "small charcoal grill." Of course, Ariana was calm, cool and collected with her response claiming that she had missed a few characters because it had been painful but would be getting it fixed- but then botched it again. In the process, Grande exposed that she isn't as fluent in Japanese as her fans were led to believe. 

In the second attempt to fix the tattoo, Ariana ended up accidentally getting "Japanese BBQ Finger" with a heart beside it. Clearly, with space running out on her palm, Ariana would need to start looking at removing the characters and starting over. If she was a normal non-celeb she'd have to pay up to remove it, but instead, it seems that Ariana actually has the potential to make money off of this mistake thanks to Laser Away. 

You may recognize the company name considering the laser removal service has worked with countless A-lister such as the Kardashian sisters. According to TMZ and files they obtained, Laser Away sent Ariana a deal where they would not only help get rid of her tattoo but pay her $1.5 million in exchange for one post a month about the company for a year. 

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That sounds like a pretty good deal to anyone but considering Ariana doesn't have a habit of promoting companies like Sugar Bear Hair on Instagram, it wouldn't be a jump to assume the singer will pass on the deal regardless of the money at stake. Considering she's got enough money to splurge on seven rings for her friends, it seems she's definitely in the position to be picky. 

Source: TMZ 

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