Viewers of DC Comics' Green Arrow series are preparing to say goodbye to a show that has spent the past eight years filming in Vancouver. However, one dedicated fan is looking to keep the memory of the show's time in Canada intact. The Arrow series finale air date is prompting fans to petition for a statue to be built in the show's honour.

Ryan Sullivan, who lives in B.C., started the campaign by setting up a petition and is looking for support to erect a permanent reminder of the show in Vancouver.

According to Screen Rant, his goal is to have the iron statue of the Green Arrow, that was already built for the final two episodes of the series, find its permanent home inside of Vancouver’s Crab Park.

The campaign titled, "Green Arrow Statue to be Permanently Set in Vancouver, BC Crab Park", explains, “It would do a great tribute and justice to both fans and Arrow actor Stephen Amell to have the Green Arrow statue made for the finale to be permanently placed in Vancouver's Crab Park as seen at the end of Arrow season 8 episode 9 and the final 10th episode.”

The petition has been running for 3 days now and as of January 28 has over 8,000 signatures.

It’s grown so quickly that it has even caught the attention of executive producer Marc Guggenheim who loved that fans are trying to immortalize the show.

However, his tweet also came with the disappointing news that the statue made for the last episodes isn’t exactly equipped to withstand Canadian weather, “I dearly love and appreciate this. But the statue was only built for two nights’ worth of shooting. It wasn’t built to withstand the harsh weather of Vancouver, I’m afraid.”

Sullivan responded by starting up a GoFundMe page with hopes of raising $5,000 in order to assist the government in the creation of a better-equipped statue. He’s letting potential donors know that it would be a “great tribute” to have the show immortalized in the Vancouver park.

There has been no word on whether or not the government would allow this project to happen.

The show's Canadian connection doesn’t just end with its filming locations. The Green Arrow is played by none other than Canadian Stephen Amell who was born and raised in Toronto.

You can watch the final episode of Arrow, starring Amell, January 28 on CTV.

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