As hard as it probably is to be a model, I have to admit - I'm totally envious of those girls who basically live on an airplane, and find themselves in a new city for work every week. One day you're walking for a show in Milan, and the next you're shooting in Los Angeles! Just yesterday, famous model Ashley Graham posted an Instagram story to let people know she's here in Canada, and it turns out Ashley Graham loves Montreal's Olive et Gourmando.

She posted an adorable Instagram story of her chowing down on a massive cookie yesterday afternoon from Olive et Gourmando, a popular spot for Montreal foodies and tourists alike. The restaurant is known for its rustic decor, as well as its artisanal bread and sweets. If Graham's approval alone isn't enough to convince you to go, Jared Leto has also been known to shop there!

Giant cookies aren't the only reason Graham made her way to Montreal though - she's actually doing some work with the famous Canadian plus-size clothing store, Addition Elle, with whom she's been collaborating to create her own line of plus-size lingerie.

At just 31 years old, there's no denying that Graham is incredibly successful. She's built an awesome brand and reputation for herself and is making women of all shapes and sizes remember just how unique and beautiful they are.

Graham's new lingerie line is available on the Addition Elle website and includes everything from sleep camis and kimonos to bodysuits and bras. The collection is all very reasonably priced, and some of it is even on sale for buy one get one 50% off, so you can stock up even if you're on a budget!

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