The Bachelor has done it again. Apart from being a slightly normal and slightly boring bachelor, Arie only stirs up trouble when it comes to the most basic rules of Bachelor nation. This isn't the first time that Bachelor Arie Luyendyk has broken the coveted rules of the franchise...

On a previous episode of The Bachelor, he was completely overcome by Lauren B. and just had to confess his love for her. Well, Arie broke all of the Bachelor rules again and has confessed his love, not for one, not two, but for all three final contestants.

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After professing his love for Lauren B., Bachelor fans were pretty sure that they knew exactly how the season would end for Arie. He would propose to Lauren B. and whisk her off on another romantic trip to Tuscany (where they had that amazing one-on-one date).

But sadly no, after seeing this exclusive sneak peek for the next two episodes of The Bachelor, we have no idea what the future holds for Arie.

In the teaser, Arie confesses that he is falling in love with Kendall, and he actually says "I love you" to Becca K. and Lauren B. So, basically we have no idea what is going on in Arie's head. He clearly has connections with all three, so who knows who he will pick in the end. One thing is for sure, the next few episodes will be packed with drama! 

Who do you think he's going to choose? Leave your answer in the comments! 

Source: People

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