Honestly wtf. After the collective "you're joking" that was this season of Bachelor in Paradise the tabloids have graced us with photos of Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson out on a Disneyland date, despite the insane amount of controversy that surrounded the two over the past surrounding months. 

The two once made headlines months ago when ABC's spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise, ceased production when rumours of sexual misconduct rose between the two stars. Media outlets ran with the stories of sexual abuse, misconduct and rape allegations before there was any sort of confirmation from the parties involved - Corinne Olympious and DeMario Jackson - or the ABC franchise itself. In the end, there was no alleged misconduct. Everything was consensual and the two parties were both mentally and physically well. 

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Fast forward a couple months and the two have been spotted together...quite a lot if we're being honest. This photo above was taken on an LA date a couple days ago. And just yesterday, the two were spotted on a fun Disneyland date where they were - wait for it, holding hands. 

via @tmz_tv

Corinne has already taken to both Instagram and Twitter to slam TMZ for breaking the news of the burgeoning couple, but does that defence mean her and her co-star are dating for real?! 

That face you make when you see @tmz_tv hiding in a bush.

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Only time will tell! Wonder if these two will last longer than Nick & Vanessa...

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