If you haven't already heard, baby bangs are going to be taking over 2018. 

The newest hair trend is a take on the bangs everyone rocked in the early 2000s, just shorter. Much shorter. 

In fact, the look kind of resembles a bad haircut you got in primary school, but hey, it's in, so it's cool now. 

Emma Watson was one of the first to debut the style a few weeks ago, and now some of Hollywood's most elite are stepping out with them. Attending the annual Dior post-couture show ball in Paris a few nights ago, Bella Hadid showed off her own micro-bangs, and it completely changed her look.

@bellahadidembedded via @bellahadidembedded via

This isn't the first time the model has experimented with bangs. She first tried them on in November 2017 and has worn them on and off since, but these new ultra-short ones are shaping up to be the most popular celebrity hairstyle of 2018.

@bellahadidembedded via

@bellahadidembedded via

Unfortunately, the look doesn't seem to be a permanent one for Bella, who was photographed without them on, on Tuesday (though they may have just been slicked back). 

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