Bella Hadid opened up about her personal life in the June issue Harper's Bazaar, interviewed by none other than her older sister Gigi. Bella gave readers a glimpse into her inner struggles, and revealed the surprising truth about who she really is and what her life is like away from the cameras.

"Sometimes I just want to be me for 30 minutes, not 'Bella'" she admits. She says that real Bella is a quiet girl who loves to stay home. "People think I'm such a party girl, but that's a thing of the past," Bella says, "Now that our careers have gotten to the heights that they have and our job is to be around people all day and go to parties, the last thing I want to do on a Saturday night is go out."

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Clearly, she's willing to make some exceptions, though. She and Kendall Jenner partied hard in the south of France over the weekend at the Cannes film festival. Bella looked stunning in skintight metallic shorts and a grey crop top.

In the interview, Gigi asked her sister, "Does the negativity on social media ever get to you?" Bella says that she "fought a lot of battles" with herself and with people online, especially those that label her as a "mean person" when they know nothing about her life.

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"You never know what people are going through," she said, "Maybe I've just had a bad day! Or maybe I've just been crying." Bella says that fans "see such small pieces" of her life, and reveals how uncomfortable it is to "walk out of your own home and have 40 people waiting outside."

At the end of the interview, Bella talks about how she copes with the endless media attention. "In the morning I make it a point to keep my phone away from me for 30 minutes so my brain can start functioning before I get completely overwhelmed by the media," she says.

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Bella says that now, all she wants to do "is be around people who love me." Now that she and The Weeknd have rekindled their romance, we wonder if she'll be letting him back into her inner circle of loved ones. 

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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