Bella Thorne is the latest woman in Hollywood to come forward with allegations of abuse. Bella took to Instagram after the Golden Globes to share that she was sexually abused from "as early as she could remember" to approximately 14-years old. 

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Bella first alluded to her past in December of 2017 when the #MeToo movement first took off. The star basically confirmed that she had been molested, but gave no further details. Just a few days ago, Bella took to Instagram to share a post about her trauma. 

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"I was sexually abused and physically growing up from the day I can remember till I was 14..when I finally had the courage to lock my door at night and sit by it. All damn night. Waiting for someone to take advantage of my life again. Over and over I waited for it to stop and finally it did. But some of us aren't as lucky to get out alive. Please today stand up for every soul Mistreated. #timesup"

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Bella took to her Instagram Story to share, "On Twitter I'm reading about all the people sharing their sexual abuse stories with me, from mine, and I just wanna say, I'm really proud of all you guys. It's such a... I'm really proud. Stay strong. Peace, I love you guys."


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