Freedom is in the air — kind of. Yesterday, word of the Big Brother Canada cancellation was released to the public, informing fans that season eight of the reality TV show would be ending due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the houseguests have begun to return to their homes, although current social distancing rules haven't exactly allowed them to catch up with their friends and family.

Season eight of BBCAN only lasted for a few weeks, and during that time we saw some of the most dramatic and shocking moments ever. One (nearly two) self evictions, two houseguest removals, and of course, some juicy showmances.

Now that the former competitors are readjusting to the real world, they've had a chance to check out social media and read the comments viewers have been making about their gameplay this season. Although not each of the 16 players has addressed the show's sudden cancellation, many of them have been sharing sweet messages on their social media pages about how amazing their experience was.

Global and Insight Productions announced yesterday that production on season eight won't be continuing down the road.

Angie Tackie

Angie has yet to post anything on Instagram, although she's been incredibly active on Twitter, thanking fans for their kind words, expressing her sadness that BBCAN has ended, and sharing her struggles with getting back to the "real world."

Hira Deol

"Back home safe and sound with my wife and daughter. Thank you all for the love and support, it has been one crazy ride. Thank you so much to @bigbrotherca for this amazing opportunity ❤️," Hira wrote in an Instagram post yesterday evening.

Jamar Lee

Yesterday, Jamar took to his Insta story to share his thoughts on the show's cancellation. The 24-year-old said that the show was "done" when he was removed from the house and made plenty of jokes in true Jamar fashion.

"KING SH*T!! Season 8 lockofff!! Real winners! Stop playin wit us!! s/o all the fans and supporters of jamicheal!! What a season!!! @michealstubley 😂💪🏾🙌🏾🕺🏽," Lee wrote on IG yesterday afternoon.

Kyle Rozendal

Although he didn't exactly address the show's cancellation, Kyle did briefly address his removal from the house and made it very clear that out of all the remaining competitors, he was rooting for Sheldon.

"To Sheldon thank you so so much for being everything I needed in that crazy-a** house! It’s so funny listening to the podcast hosts who watch feeds all day and night and think they understand anything going on in there! They all wonder why we were so close and why it always worked...Well, truth is we had so much in common on so many things and played the same game differently," Rozendal wrote yesterday.

"Ice cold and unafraid to lie to anyone about anything to get our way...I’m sorry brother for what happened because we had this game by the balls...You're my pick to win champ! Love ya forever and can’t wait to catch up when your 100k richer!!"

Madeline Di Nunzio

"Officially out of the @bigbrotherca house! What a wild ride full of ups and downs! Thank you everyone for the constant support throughout the whole process!! ❤️ Officially taking the reigns over this account," Madeline shared on the 'gram yesterday. 

Although it will probably be some time before the two can see one another, her showmance boo Micheal Stubley revealed in an interview with Narcity that he plans to continue his relationship with Maddie outside of the house.

Micheal Stubley

"Unfortunate to hear the cancellation of #bbcan8, but we are living in a very unpredictable world. The health of our loved ones and families is really what’s most important to us right now and that’s what @bigbrotherca has shown us," the Prince George native wrote.

"I really didn’t expect to make Big Brother history in becoming the only evicted houseguest in a season, but I’m so thankful for the fan support, the people I met, and the crew I had. This season has truly been more than just entertainment for everyone watching as it’s been an example of standing up for what is right. Much love from Jammers and I ✌🏼🤘🏾 @kiingjam."

Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao

Minh-Ly has been quite active on Instagram since the show's cancellation, although the only comment she made about the situation is "Just left the #bbcan8 house. Shocked at the state of the world."

Throughout the season, Minh and Jamar developed something of a showmance, although she's been insisting that it was actually a "#beefmance" on social media, so it will be interesting to see if these two reunite.

Rianne Swanson

Rianne shared a short and sweet message with fans on Twitter, explaining that although she was sad to see this season end early, she understands that it was a necessary decision in order to keep everyone safe.

Two more episodes of Big Brother Canada will be airing before the season ends for good. Tune in tonight, and next Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. ET/PT to see how everything plays out.

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