The girls are back! Six of the ladies that were part of the Big Brother Canada cast joined together to post their own version of the Pass The Brush challenge. Get ready to see some major transformations from the Canadian gals as they show off their makeup skills. 

Season 8 of the reality TV series closed its doors early in March when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the entertainment industry to temporarily shut down. 

The final episode was filled with emotions as houseguests weren't quite ready to say goodbye to their roommates or their experience of a lifetime that got cut short. 

Just over a month after the series ended, the females of the house are back together again–virtually, that is.

In the video posted by Toronto's Madeline Di Nunzio, she's seen wrestling with her adorable pup who has a stronghold on her fluffy makeup brush.

After getting it back from the dog, a makeup-less Di Nunzio laughs and brushes the camera until she reappears completely transformed with hair and makeup done.  

She then passes the torch, aka the makeup brush, to her BBCAN8 BFF Rianne Swanson, who hails from Chetwynd, BC

The 29-year-old takes her transformation from workout chic to night out ready.

Swanson passes her brush to Winnipeg's Angie Tackie, who features an homage to the reality series with her Big Brother Canada bag sitting in the background. 

A gorgeous Tackie sends the video over to Calgary's Brooke Warnock who showcases a fierce, bold red lip.

Who's next? None other than Vanessa Clements, a lobster fisherman from Mill River, PEI. Originally suited in her fisherman gear, her transformation changes her into a bright red blouse with a beer in hand. She passes the final brush to Vaughan, Ontario's Susanne Fuda

The nearly one-and-a-half minute-long video might just make you miss the competition series that didn't get to live out to see its final winner. 

It got praise from John Luke Kieper from Kamloops, BC and Markham, Ontario's Chris Wyllie.

Replying to the video, Wyllie wrote, "And we were locked up in a house with all these gorgeous women".

Kieper retweeted the video and wrote, "Alright, stay tuned for the fellas".

He was one of the four members of "The Evictors" that consisted of Di Nunzio, Swanson, and BC's Michael Stubley, the only houseguest who got evicted in season 8.

The only female contestant missing from the video was Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao.

Di Nunzio replied to a fan who asked where the Montreal born flight attendant was, writing, "All BBCAN8 ladies were invited and included in participating! Some chose to opt out, and that’s OK! Only love here!"

Throughout the competition, Nguyen-Cao was labelled the house's "cockroach", as Sheldon Jean called her since everyone wanted her evicted but she was too strong to be taken down.

Her Twitter account even features a spin on her nickname, calling herself "roach is the goat".

The 16 housemates are currently social distancing in their homes located all over Canada.  

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