Over the course of just a few months, we've seen 17-year old Billie Eilish skyrocket to fame. She released her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? this year, and it reached number one in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. At such a young age, it's safe to say Billie has a LOT going for her, and the girl has some seriously dedicated fans. Billie Eilish performed in Montreal and tickets totally sold out.

If you're a fan of the singer, you probably know that she's currently on tour. Over the next few months, she'll be hitting various music festivals in the U.S., touring across Europe, and closing out her tour in Mexico!

On Wednesday, June 12th, Billie showed some love to her Canadian fans when she stopped in Laval, Montreal to perform a show at Place Bell. The auditorium can fit roughly 9,500 people, and the show was totally sold out.

As with a lot of concerts, some fans decided they wanted to see Billie live in concert at the last minute, but when they found out the show had already sold out and they couldn't get their hands on tickets, they were so upset, to say the least:

Fans were bummed that they didn't get to see the pop-star live, but those that did attend the concert had nothing but good things to say about the show. Patrons were raving to The Montreal Gazette about their idol saying things like, "Billie Eilish is my religion" and "she's a girl everyone can relate to".

Although she has no shows left in Canada on this tour, she's got plenty of dates across the U.S., if you're in the mood for a road trip to see her perform. She'll be at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavillion in Boston tonight, and you can find her in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington over the coming. Be sure to get your tickets early so they don't sell out!

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