Blac Chyna, the mother of King Cairo and Rob Kardashian's daughter, Dream, was seen fighting at an amusement park on Easter Sunday. The reality star mom took her two children to Six Flags Magic Mountain with a group of friends when things quickly got out of hand.

It started when another amusement park patron allegedly tried to touch one of her children. Blac didn't explain which child it was but later eluded to the fact that this person was trying to touch her child. 

The aftermath of the situation is what parkgoers caught on camera. You can see Blac with a group of her friends approaching someone. In the video, you an see Blac removing her jacket, grabbing the pink car shaped stroller and swinging it around in an attempt to attack the parkgoer.

Blac then appears to pace back and forth angrily before attempting to grab the stroller again but then her friends attempt to restrain her.

The last video is hard to decipher, but it looks like Blac was still arguing with this woman when she falls to the ground.

It also looks like this woman may have gotten into a fight with another person in the crowd. Then Blac is seen being pulled away by her friends and other two parkgoers were restrained by security/police.

Via People Magazine

She later posted this image on Instagram, explaining herself and the situation. According to Blac, a woman at the park tried to touch either Dream or King Cairo and Blac Chyna was not going to allow that. 

She explains that she doesn't condone violence but she will "protect her children at all cost".

Source: People

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