Were you watching the Oscars? There has been a ton of news revolving around the star-studded event, but it wasn't brought to our attention until this morning that some huge stars were getting flirty at the after party.

After hearing that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux broke things off, I know we were all hoping that Bennifer would reconcile their relationship. Apparently, Brad Pitt has other women on his mind, specifically a gorgeous and hilarious comedian by the name of Tiffany Haddish. 

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Haddish, the star of Girls Trip, made headlines after her hilarious intro with fellow comedian Maya Rudolf during the Academy Awards, and now she's getting more attention after spilling the beans about her and Brad Pitt. 

It all started when she agreed to play a quick game of "Marry, Date, Ditch" with Kelly Ripa. Ripa started the game by announcing Brad Pitt as the first contender, when Haddish quickly cut her off, confessing she had just met him in the elevator. Apparently, Pitt stated that if they were both single in a year, they'll "do it".

She then joked about not being sure about him having so many kids. Ripa quickly asked, "Why do you have to wait a year" to which Haddish replied, "I don't know, he just told me to wait a year!". Hey, if Brad Pitt asked you to hook up in a year, wouldn't you wait? 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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