Last week, Brody Jenner got married in Indonesia. Brody and his wife were planning this wedding for literally a year, so he was super excited to invite his famous family to the event.

In typical Kardashian/Jenner fashion, it wouldn't actually be an event if there wasn't some drama. A bunch of his famous family members didn't even show up for his big day!

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Even after Brody officially sent out formal invitations, he never heard back from his step-sisters, Kendall and Kylie. Oh, and his father, Caitlyn Jenner bailed so she could attend the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria.

After his wedding, Brody released a public statement about how disappointed he was that his father wasn't there for his special day.

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Well, it looks like Brody's mother, Linda Thompson, was sick of Caitlyn's drama too, because she posted the most savage Instagram post shading Brody's absent father.

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The caption of the video is where all the shade really is, "This is the beautiful location where @brodyjenner & @kaitlynn got married!" This is where it gets really shady... "Yes, it's on the other side of the world... But I would've gone to the moon and back to share in the joy of my darling son & his beautiful bride getting married! That's what parents do! 😉"

We can't believe that Brody's mom literally just called out Caitlyn for being a bad parent. There's no question about it, Linda Thompson just shaded Brody's father for missing his wedding day. 

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