We are officially FREAKING OUT after this glorious pic hit the internet. Narcity reported that the KarJenner girls would be starring in a Calvin Klein campaign shortly after Khloe Kardashian broke the internet with her pregnancy reveal photo. 

@khloekardashianembedded via

The family allegedly shot the campaign back in November when Khloe was a mere 4 months pregnant. Kylie, notably further along than her older sister, would have been anywhere form 6-7 months pregnant. 

The family released both a video for Calvin Klein as well as a digital photo/social campaign. In the video, you can see that Kylie is barely visible, with only a quarter of her face appearing, while her upper body is wrapped up in a denim shirt. 

@calvinkleinembedded via

The campaign photo itself has Kylie farthest away from the focal point, making her purposely seem smaller. While all of the KarJenner siblings are in their skimpy Calvins, Kylie is the only sister in the photo who is not visibly branded by Calvin Klein. She sports a white bra-top with no logos showing, covering her baby bump in a red and white quilt. 

Via Calvin Klein

The sisters posed for various photos sprawled out in both Calvin Klein denim and lingerie. Khloe, who was also expected at the time, opted for a Calvin Klein one piece as opposed to sister, Kim. 

Via Calvin Klein

Kylie once more hid her bump with a throw blanket, holding it in front of her stomach. Khloe also wrapped a blanket around her mid section in the back. If you'll also notice, Kylie's lips are smaller than we've seen in YEARS in these photos, prompting more proof of her pregnancy. Can't really get injections while you're carrying a baby now can you? 

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