As someone who has spent the entirety of their life in Canada, I'll be the first to admit that it's so easy to take this beautiful country for granted. We've got everything from the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Niagra Falls to the gorgeous islands of the East Coast. Let's be real - who wouldn't want to live here?! Here are 6 Canadian celebrities who never left Canada.

Whether they wanted to stay close to their hometown and family, or they simply just prefer to live somewhere a little less crowded than LA, these celebs have never been shy about their love for the great North!

Rachel McAdams

If you're wondering why you haven't seen much of Rachel McAdams on the big screen lately, it's because she's busy taking care of her son and hanging out at her beautiful home in the big city of Toronto!

Emily Haines

When she's not writing music or performing with her bands Metric, Broken Social Scene, and Soft Skeleton, you can find Emily Haines exploring Toronto. She's described her home city as "utopian" and loves the unique and exciting feel it brings to her daily life.

Shawn Mendes

Pop star Shawn Mendes may have blown up big time since he was just a young boy recording YouTube videos in Pickering, Ontario, but he's not leaving his home province anytime soon! The singer got a place of his own in Toronto but has admitted that his mom still pops by to take care of his laundry for him from time to time. 

Martin Short

Like so many other celebs, Martin Short loves to spend his summer's in beautiful Muskoka. The comedian has spent the hotter months of the year in the popular tourist destination for several years now, and we hope he continues to do so for many more!


A lot of people know Deadmau5 for his electrifying EDM music, but did you know that he's Canadian AND he has a stunning mansion in Campbellville, Ontario? The giant house is about an hour away from Toronto, giving him just enough space from the big city to create and think freely!


As you've probably heard by now, Drake is almost done construction on his massive mansion in the 6ix that's been underway since 2016. Considering his probably the world's biggest Raptors fan and he loves to rap about his city, it wouldn't surprise us if he always kept his roots in Toronto.

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