Did you get an invitation to the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that’s taking place next month? No? Well that’s OK, Justin Trudeau didn’t get on either so don’t feel left out.

But one Canadian teenager did manage to score herself an invite. Faith Dickerson, who is only 15, from Peterborough Ont. will be attending the wedding after being invited because of her charitable work.  

Dickerson runs an organization called Cuddles for Cancer, which makes blankets for cancer patients and former soldiers who are living with PTSD. And now she’s talking about how it feels to be recognized with the invitation.  

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“You dream of this when you’re a kid, right? Like, getting all dressed up to go to a royal wedding. It’s so surreal,” she says.  

Apparently she’s still looking for the that perfect outfit to wear to the big day. “We’ve been into some stores and they’ve been like, ‘We would love to dress you and make a hat and fascinator.’ It’s very exciting in that way,” she says.  

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She hasn’t exactly worked out all the details of the trip, though but she’s been told to make sure to be there the night before the wedding and not to plan anything else on the actual day of the wedding itself.

She says the whole invite and everything around it has been “even bigger than prom.”  

Dickerson won The Diana Award last year - named for the late princess who was Prince Harry’s mother – for her hard work and got to meet Prince Harry and his older brother William so this won’t be her first interaction with a royal.

But we’re all super jealous that she gets to actually attend the wedding. 

Source: Toronto Star

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