With Bieber coming off of the attention that surrounded both his new wife Hailey Baldwin and himself after their marriage, many assumed the star would continue to remain low key. While he has, he decided to drop a little something for fans that came in the form of a clothing line named "Drew House". While many people were excited, it definitely wasn't for everyone. 

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Once photos of the clothing line's first drop which included shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and an excessive amount of corduroy began to circulate, the jokes began and people definitely didn't hold back on their opinions: 

The first drop was called everything from boring and basic to "overpriced prison clothes." This left many wondering if Bieber's star power was strong enough to carry a clothing line that seemed immensely unpopular already.  

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Though regardless of the clothing line receiving a serious amount of criticism, every single product launched (yes, even those shorts) quickly sold out within a day. It's worth mentioning that Justin himself did literally no promotion for it apart from launching it meaning the results definitely shocked doubters: 

If this proves anything, it's that while Bieber may not be topping the charts right now, his influence definitely hasn't wavered. Considering the success of the first launch, it's safe to say that fans who missed out on the first round will likely have either a second chance at the first collection or the opportunity to try their luck with Drew House's next collection. 

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