If there's one thing Canadians have, it's pride in the citizens that make it to Hollywood. All of our Canadian celebs get the support they deserve back here in their hometowns. It's Edmonton's turn to show their love for actor Nathan Fillion. Canadians started a petition in Edmonton to have a Pavilion built in honour of Nathan Fillion

Nathan is best known for his work in the FOX series Firefly and the ABC series Castle, but Edmontonians praise their favorite actor for his versatility in the acting world. After his move to New York, he got roles in musicals, TV drama's, and even Disney films. A fan told CBC news that "You might get his role in Buffy, you might get his role in Firefly. You might get his role in Castle or The Rookie or maybe voice acting in a video game or voice acting in some of the animated features."

The city announced that they would be turning their downtown parking lots into a park. Citizens created the petition to have a building in the new park be named, "The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion." The tongue twister name has inspired 6000 supporters to sign the petition and the number is going up by the minute. 

Although Nathan Fillion hasn't responded to their efforts yet, the city has, saying that they're interested in the idea. Mark Meer, who knows the Fillion family has passed the petition over to them. Hopefully, we get a response soon!

The petition has gone viral and is spreading all across the country. If Nathan responds, it wouldn't be the first time he's supported his home town after rising to fame. He's surprised the city with appearances at the Fringe Festival and Varscona theatre over the years.

You can sign the petition here

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