If you know anything about the Canadian music scene or happened to be an avid Much Music watcher during the 2000's, you know all about the music aficionado and interviewer Nardwuar. Known for his quirky style, off the wall antics, and extremely well researched interviews - he's a personality you either love or hate.

Well the Vancouver native actually had a chance to sit down with another big personality at Coachella over the weekend, and the pair was a match made in... some parallel universe. Nardwuar and the current queen of the charts Cardi B spent 10 minutes and 50 seconds talking about everything from her love of Junie B Jones books to Vancouver strip clubs.

Via YouTube - NardwuarServiette

The interview started off particularly sweet with Nardwuar gifting Cardi B a Junie B Jones book and getting her to open up about why it is she loved the character growing up.

Cardi responded saying, "I used to be like the Junie B from like school, that nobody used to like, or she was always interruptive, or always used to get in trouble and I didn't understand why, and she never understands why she gets in trouble and... yeah."

Nardwuar was also able to uncover that Cardi B is actually a big history buff. Surprise, but it turns out that she knows a thing or two about American Presidents. She was able to name off some of the guys featured on the Voices of History vinyl that she was gifted from the interviewer.

Via YouTube - NardwuarServiette

But the part of the interview that goes way left, is when Nardwuar starts talking strippers and stripper music. It starts with her gifting her book about the famous Vancouver strip club The Penthouse Night Club. Then he proceeds to give her a variety of records with stripper based titles. From there is just gets super weird and kind of awkward.

It just seemed that Cardi B just didn't know how to react to the off the wall antics from Nardwuars and his gifts. Ironic really for someone who is known to be a little quirky herself in interviews. Cardi at one point even says to Nardwuar that he was over gifting her and she felt like she owed him something now.

Via YouTube - NardwuarServiette

Once they moved over that stange hump of the interview, Nardwuar got Cardi to confess that she likes Toronto (YEEEES!) and particularly working with the famous Canadian record producer and DJ Frank Dukes - who has notably worked with Drake, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and various other big names in music.

They go on to chat about her new single Be Careful, her love of yogurt, what song she wants played at her future wedding.  And of course they end the interview with Nardwuar's iconic "doot doota loot doo..." catchphrase to which Cardi B does something... interesting AF.

Watch the full 10 minute interview below.

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