Yesterday, we told you about Cardi B's security team viciously beating up an excited fan after the Met Gala. The fan got hurt so badly that he was rushed to the hospital. Cardi B denied media requests for comment, but took to her own Twitter account to break her silence on the incident.

"If you check my tag pics, I take a lot of pics with fans," Cardi B tweeted, "Some people are not fans and sometimes I don't want no pics and I simply don't want people too close cause of [my pregnancy]," she said."I don't know what are people's intentions sooo I be careful. Why can't people respect that?" She's since deleted the tweet for an unknown reason.

It's no excuse for beating someone up, but she does have a point. Video footage from the incident shows the fan yelling at Cardi B as she walks by, determined to get her autograph even after she repeatedly shuts him down. 

"I just asked for an autograph, damn," the fan says in the video. Offset then told the fan to "shut up" and reportedly told Cardi's body guards to "go after" him. The video shows three men from Cardi's security team punching and kicking the fan as he lay on the ground.

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The attorney representing the fan referred to the incident as an "unjustified ambush," saying that he had to be held in the hospital overnight for neck and back injuries. "The video clearly shows that this was not an act of self defence," the attorney said, "No fan should ever be treated in this manner, and words never justify violence."

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The NYPD has yet to reveal the names of the three suspects involved in the beating, and no charges have been laid. Investigators said that they will not be getting Cardi B or Offset involved, despite Offset allegedly provoking the attack.

Source: E News 

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